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Aquasmith can swiftly and smoothly transform a tired, functional bathroom into a haven of relaxation. After a long day at work; with the family or whenever you need a little time away, your bathroom can be a peaceful sanctuary. The one place to be alone, in a tranquil setting. Soaking in the tub, the stresses of the day evaporating as you relax.

Your bathroom can be sparkling and bright; sultry and relaxing; sleek and modern; classic and elegant – the choice is yours.

But, whatever you choose, you can be assured that Aquasmith will work with you to ensure you are happy with your choice. If necessary, Aquasmith will adapt the area to utilise the space to its best advantage; stripping everything away and retiling; moving unsightly pipework to create a smooth, uncluttered, more attractive look; lighting can be replaced; underfloor heating added; beautiful shower units with high pressure pumps fitted, to give an invigorating shower.

We can create the perfect sanctuary in your home.

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