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It was almost inevitable that I would be a photographer. My dad was one, and I grew up spending many hours in the dark room with him, watching him pore over images, studying them for things that were almost intangible – the finer details, where emotions shone through.

I got my first camera – a Kodak Instamatic – when I was just five years old, and started using it on a holiday in Greece.

I always enjoyed taking pictures of horses and children. Out of this grew a love of natural light and reality.

I went on to study with a photographer friend who wanted to ride horses. I had horses and she had knowledge of photography. We traded. I added more formal qualifications, studying photography at Central St Martin’s College and then the London School of Photography.

After this, I created my own style of intimate photography – photography that creates an emotional response, not just a visual one.

I’m interested in telling stories – capturing memories, seeing those finer details in pictures, thinking how colours will go together to create the final look.

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