Come & Visit Us

We meet every Friday morning from 6.15am. It's an early start but we build trusted relationships and help each other to find more business.

Join us at Hendon Golf Club, Ashley Walk, London, NW7 1DG

Could this be the most profitable breakfast you've ever had?

We encourage visitors to come to our meetings. We know that every one of us was a visitor once, so we know how to make you welcome and answer any questions you may have. We meet every Friday at 6:30am at the Hendon Golf Club, Ashley Walk, London, NW7 1DG. There's a £15 meeting fee for which we provide a very good choice of breakfast. The meeting is well structured and runs to time, so that means you'll still be in your office in time to start - or continue - your working day. You'll also get a 'sixty seconds' opportunity to talk about your business. If you have any questions about visiting, contact us on 0845 680 1969. Or you can send us a message via our 'Contact Us' section. We look forward to meeting you soon.