What is BNI?

How could successful networking work for you?

BNI Chipping is part of a very successful international business referral network. We only allow one business from a particular profession to join our chapter and our simple goal is to generate more business for each other. We call our philosophy 'Givers Gain' which simply means "If you give me business, I'll want to give you business." Since 2007 our members have gained business from each other in excess of £40 million. That's a lot of givers, gaining from a lot of other givers.

We meet every Friday at 6:30am at the Hendon Golf Club, Ashley Walk, London, NW7 1DG. We're very friendly to visitors, even early in the morning, and we’d really like to meet you and find out about your business. Just click on the 'Come and Visit Us' section for more details.